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Lesson 3: School of the Ox
When Nothing Seems Stable
by Dr. Nancy Moelk

Our perception of God strongly emerges when we are in a time of transition or turmoil. If we are to receive His help, comfort and transformation in these times we will need to be able to feel His presence, carry accurate beliefs about His view of us and let go of idealistic standards of “the way it should be”.
Do you ever imagine God to be a Butler who is slacking on the job? Or as an Abuser who wants to punish you somehow? Or maybe we see Him as not very smart? Obviously if God were any of those things or other negative projections we may put on Him, we would not want to trust Him or cozy up to Him! Dr. Nancy Moelk walks us through the path of getting connection with God that will help us when nothing seems stable. We will learn how so often, we don’t need a solution. We need a relationship with Someone.

Lesson 3: When Nothing Seems Stable

Below you will an audio of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

a prayer, scripture and finally a quiz on the class with an answer key. Click on the link.

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