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About Firehouse Ministries, Inc.

About Firehouse Ministries, Inc.

Richard Kinney and Dr. Nancy Moelk, both ordained ministers, have been working in inner healing and deliverance for over twenty years as co-workers. God brought these two very different people together. In 1999, Richard realized that he needed to learn to grieve, and Nancy realized that she needed someone to mentor her in the prophetic. God has used a powerful divine synergy to make a ministry that is much greater than the sum of its parts here. With God’s help and encouragement, Richard and Nancy have been able to address a very wide range of problems that continuously keep His children small and out of touch with the massive love that God the Father has for each one of us. They do life-coaching, emotional healing, prophetic counseling and deliverance using a variety of modalities and years of experience. Richard and Nancy are firmly committed to equipping the saints to be happy and successful in their everyday lives and to become the formidable warriors that are desperately needed for such a time as this. 

Dr. Nancy Moelk

Dr. Nancy Moelk has been counseling, teaching and mentoring people for over 25 years. She and her husband, Gary, spent seven years in France and North Africa as missionaries. After returning home, Nancy began a journey of inner healing which led to her becoming a life coach/counselor and trainer of lay ministers and Christian professionals who wanted to incorporate Biblical concepts into their practices. She has taught classes on personal growth and ministry to hundreds of people from several states and from many congregations. Nancy currently serves as Co-Director of Firehouse Ministries, Inc. and ministers to people from all over the country.  Nancy lives near Atlanta with Gary, her husband. Their lives have been blessed with four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

Nancy is the author of several books. 


Richard Kinney

Richard Kinney has served in Christian ministry for approximately 55 years. He has worked with the poor and the disenfranchised, has brought hundreds of people to Christ, has been active in prison ministry in a Georgia maximum security prison and spent a great deal of time working with battered women. He has planted several small churches in several different states. In his own life, after 20 years of ministry, he came to a place where his own difficult and fatherless childhood came forward to the point where he had to get counseling for himself. After two years of inner healing, he had a life-changing encounter with the Father’s love. This continues to bless and empower his life with joy and a confidence that is unusual. He has a strong prophetic gifting and a zeal for the Lord that he hopes will only grow.  He and Nancy Moelk have blessed many people as counselors and mentors. Richard and Nancy meet with individuals on the phone and in person. In this way, they have been able to minister to people all over the U.S. and from several foreign countries. They love to bring about connection and reconciliation between God the Father and His beloved children

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