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School of the Eagle
Eagle Level One-Six Lessons

Welcome to the School of the Four Living Creatures: Eagle, Level 1. The Four Living Creatures represent four aspects of God that reflect His nature. Christ lives in us and wouuld like to share His nature with us. His Eagle nature is one of heavenly glory, other dimensions, supernatural gifting and supernatural experiences. It involves dreams, visions and prophecy. The miracles and interventions of God in the Old Testament and the supernatural life, death and ministry of Jesus Christ represent the Eagle. The goal of this course is help us develop more fully as people who carry the life and power of Christ in us and who see the supernatural implications of that life in a daily and practical demonstration in our lives. We will trust the Holy Spirit to guide and orchestrate this process in us.


Here are some goals we are aiming for in your study of the School of the Eagle:


  • To grow in hearing God’s voice

  • To grow in feeling God’s presence

  • To begin to learn to feel and see heavenly things.

  • To grow in praying for physical healings.

  • To learn to interface more with the population of heaven (angels, saints, creatures, etc.)

  • To have a greater expectation of the supernatural and the heavenly realm in daily life.

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