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Lesson 4: School of the Man
Identifying and Destroying
the Enemy’s Hold on Us 
by Dr. Nancy Moelk

If the enemy is hanging on to us and bothering us, what gives him an opportunity to do that? It may be unresolved issues in our soul that are out of alignment with God. What role do unresolved negative emotions, bad choices and false belief systems play in our being manipulated by the enemy? We need to be like little children in order to receive a relationship with God that restores our souls. He wants us to be free. What are some of the attributes of little children? They are needy, dependent, powerless, open to relationship, vulnerable. When we are released from the problems and pressure coming from the enemy's footholds, our relationship with ourselves, others and God improves. Dr. Nancy Moelk discusses these ideas and more.

Lesson 4: Identifying and Destroying
the Enemy’s Hold on Us 

Below you will an audio and a transcript of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

a prayer, scripture and finally a quiz on the class with an answer key. Click on the link.

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