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Lesson 6: School of the Man
Receiving and Maturing
In Love
by Dr. Nancy Moelk
and Richard Kinney

Did you know you will have a picture of God based on your experience with authority figures. God doesn't want us to believe lies about Him and He wants to show us what He is really like.

Once we begin to grasp how God really views us and feels about us, we realize He is delights in who we are and filled with joy at the thought of us.  He focuses on what is right and good about you.

And if someone accentuates what is “right” about you then it will precipitate growth in you. Think of David for a moment. Many people wonder how God could look at David and see someone who was "a man after His own heart" when David was as murderer and adulterer. But God saw what was good about David: his passion and David's efforts to walk with God through his life. Like David, God is most interested in what is right and good about us as well. He sess our potential.

Lesson 6: Receiving and Maturing In Love

Below you will an audio and a transcript of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

a prayer, scripture and finally a quiz on the class with an answer key. Click on the link.

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