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Lesson 6: The Nuclear Power of Death and Dying to Self
by Richard Kinney

Their misunderstanding of death and dying to self has left many Christians weak and shallow when we are all created to be deep and powerful.

What will be the result of our reconnecting with this concept?

It will help us to reconnect with both sides of heaven and earth and help us to become the impactful Christians that we know inside of ourselves that we were created to be. If we reject life’s positives or life’s negatives, we reject life. Many Christians are half alive, even though they serve the Lord of Life. We in the western world have suffocated ourselves by only wanting to acknowledge our “wins” in life. Many of us have learned only to celebrate our successes. Many times, it is through tough times and seasons of failure that great power and authority is released through us. Life involves both the breath in and the breath out. You only have life by engaging both. Richard Kinney explains how our "low" times can result in great victory. The Cross represents the most significant event of an apparent defeat turning out to be a victory.

Lesson 6: The Nuclear Power of Death and Dying to Self

Below you will an audio of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

a prayer, scripture and finally a quiz on the class with an answer key. Click on the link.

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