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School of the Ox

Six Lessons


As we focus on one of the Faces of God as represented by the Four Living Creatures, we always want to remember how God wants to train us in all four faces eventually because they balance one another. There is also the element of being led by the Holy Spirit in all things and allowing His leading to bring forward in us the type of response that a particular person or situation requires. Keep this in mind as we look more closely at the Ox nature of God.


The Ox nature of God is first of all a symbol of incredible strength. Imagine a 2000 lb. ox who can pull twice his weight. But to earn the title of “ox” and no longer just a cow, he has been trained by his owner to obey directions. Oxen are known for their strength, patience, persistence, and submissive nature. The Ox-like nature of Christ is one of service and sacrifice where strength is made perfect in weakness. He was a son who learned obedience through his constant communion with the Father. The cross is the universal act representing the Ox. We will become very powerfully connected to God by opening ourselves to His teaching us to become the Ox. The goal of this course is for the Holy Spirit to guide and orchestrate the development of the ox in us.  

Here are some of our goals for this course:

  • To educate students in the characteristics of the Ox-like nature of God

  • To identify the process of the Ox in us and how to walk in it.

  • To come to understand that the sacrifice and submission taught in the Ox leads to great strength and power being added to life.

  • To learn how the Ox has massive and unstoppable determination and energy to move forward no matter what.

  • To learn how the Ox gives the balance and stability that is necessary for God to really trust us and to release His power in our life.

  • To learn how the Ox is the platform for living out of the abundance that God intends for us.

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