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Lesson 4: Weak as a Kitten
Richard Kinney

First of all we need a child-like relationship with God. We have to grow in it. But after being there for a season, there comes a time when we need to step up to the next level of relationship. The next is bridal love where what is required of us is more demanding. God will call us up to higher level of love. Bridal love requires an intimacy that isn’t needed in the Father-child relationship which is a simpler relationship. And after bridal love comes, hopefully, a spousal relationship. Loneliness and frustration are two things that indicate it might be time to move on. What used to stimulate us and cause us to feel close to God no longer seems to have the same affect. Many have learned to minister by being a pipe line of God’s grace that flows to others. But a pipeline is empty. So when ministry time is over you are still empty. The goal is not to become a pipe.  You are meant to become one with what is in the pipe.  Jesus set the example: I and the Father are One. You and Jesus are supposed to become intermeshed so closely that people say, “Who is here?” We need to have the Father speak our name to us and we need to look back to Him and have Him to say “I approve of you, I love you”.  “Hi, how are you doing?” If Jesus showed up in room He would talk to you. He would say hello to you. He was humble and willing to hang out with people--with individuals. We desperately need the personal relationship with God. 

Lesson 4: Weak as a Kitten by Richard Kinney

Below you will an audio of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

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