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School of the Man

Man Level One-Six Lessons


Welcome to the School of the Four Living Creatures: Man, Part 1. The Four Living Creatures represent four aspects of God that reflect his nature. As He dwells in us, He would like to share this nature with us. His Human nature is one of beauty, intelligence, the ability to give and receive love, creativity and passion. The incarnation of Christ is the universal act representing the Man. The goal of this course is help us develop fully as human beings and trust the Holy Spirit to guide and orchestrate this process in us.

Course Goals for School of the Man

•    To understand how Christ was fully man (as well as fully God)
•    To grow in receiving and giving love especially from God but also from others
•    To grow in facing fears and limitations that inhibit our growth as a person and in our relationship to God
•    To identify roadblocks to spiritual and emotional health 
•    To become aware of the grieving process and the need to grieve
•    To learn how to discern the source of life difficulties as an aid to resolving them
•    To learn how the Enemy influences areas of unresolved conflict in us
•    To begin to learn how to appropriate the presence of God more and more
•    To learn to live out of a fullness of union with Christ that affects the world 

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