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Lesson 5: School of the Lion
The Godly Use of Desire and Ambition 
       The Lion and the Steak Exercise 
by Richard Kinney

How can desire be helpful in our lives? How can it assist in helping us to change? Desire can drive us to do things we really don’t want to do. That is what it takes for us to change, an intense desire for things to be different in our lives. Unfortunately, the traditional attitude in the Christian church concerning desire and ambition has gotten a bad rap in the Christian church, people have been led to believe they should be ashamed if they have desire or ambition.
Desire is God given. A child has desires of different things he wants to be. It helps us to accomplish things. Especially if unpleasant.  Desire and passion are helpful and shouldn’t be discouraged.  

Lesson 5: The Godly Use of Desire and Ambition 
      The Lion and the Steak Exercise 

Below you will an audio and a transcript of the lesson; study and personal application questions; 

a prayer, scripture and finally a quiz on the class with an answer key. Click on the link.

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