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School of the Lion
Lion Level One-Six Lessons

Welcome to the School of the Four Living Creatures: Lion, Level 1. The Four Living Creatures represent four aspects of God that reflect his nature. As He dwells in us, He would like to share this nature with us. His Lion nature is one of strength, warfare, judgement, taking and inhabiting territory and power. We are called to govern our territory and bring His will on earth as it is in heaven. The defeat of Satan where Jesus marched into hell and confiscated the keys to death is a defining Lion moment. The goal of this course is to help us develop fully as the overcomers and victors in Christ we were created to be.

Course Goals for School of the Lion

•    To understand the Lion aspect of God
•    To grow in a new relationship with the face of God’s authority and power and begin to practice how to manifest it on the earth
•    To begin to learn how to be the head and not the tail
•    To take your territory for the Kingdom of God
•    To learn techniques for taking territory and overcoming the enemy
•    To learn techniques both defensive and offensive in living a victorious life
•    To advance in creating, changing and destroying things by the power of the word and prayer
•    To exercise dominion and power over your life
•    To make boundaries and learn discipline

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