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Help for Bad Habits

Updated: Feb 5

We all suffer from some bad habits. They may be mental habits. Thinking negative, harmful thoughts about ourselves or others is one example. We may lack discipline to take care of our bodies. Or we can struggle to behave in a Christ-like way in challenging moments or in demanding relationships or jobs. So what is the key for transformation when we see we are falling short from our true identity--which is the bonding of who we are with who Christ is. I was reading a book called, The Invitation, by Micah Turnbo. He had an interaction with an angel of purity where the angel gave him advice on how to advance in being transformed. It is the best advice I have ever heard on this topic.

You are already pure, you just have bad habits. To get rid of those habits, replace them with something new and beautiful. It takes practice to walk out what is yours. Purity is already given to you; your father gives grace because he knows habits can be challenging.

To help you practice walking in purity, live in a place of worship and praise, which is the entryway to His presence. There are many other ways you can practice walking in purity, which is another way of saying ‘walking in his presence’. Get creative and replace those bad habits. It’s possible to get rid of them all. You just have to put in the work, and they will go away! … There is something else I want to say too. Purity is strengthened in a place of intimacy with Him, which brings a greater sense of power. When you walk in purity, you will see the power of God manifest in your life, so it is important that you live in what has already been given to you." (Emphasis mine).

Excerpt from The Invitation by Micah Turnbo, page 144.

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