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Jesus at Door Exercise (6 minutes)

Updated: Jan 28

This exercise/prayer is a practical application of Revelation 3:20

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me."

In the Middle East in Jesus’ day and even until today when a person dines in the home of another, from that point on, either person can ask the other for anything, anything at all. After they eat or dine together in the home, they are considered linked together, like family. Jesus is offering to have this type of relationship with us where we can ask him for anything, and He can ask us for anything also. Do you want this type of relationship with Jesus?

1) Everyone has a door. It is the door to the heart. It is the door you open or close to let people in or keep people out. This is your door. No one can open or close your door except you. Not even Jesus can open or close your door. Only you can. Close your eyes and try to feel your door. Put your hand on this door when you can feel it.

2) Jesus is standing at your door and knocking and calling your name. Be very quiet and calm and listen with the ears of your heart and try to hear, or feel, Jesus knocking. Raise your hand when you can hear or feel him knocking. Don’t be in a hurry. He is there. Wait until you feel something. (If there is no response after a certain time, assure the person(s) that even if they can’t feel him he is there.)

3) Do you want to open the door or leave it closed?

4) Now open the door and raise your hand once the door is open.

5) What do you see or feel?

6) Now invite Jesus into the house and raise your hand once He has entered.

7) What do you want to say to him? Some possible responses might be:

· Forgive me for ….

· I am so glad you came, you are always welcome here

· I love you, please come in

8) Now ask Jesus to sit down. If you have a table, have him sit together with you at the dinner table. Raise your hand when Jesus is seated.

9) What is your favorite dish is? Try to picture yourself eating this dish with Jesus, who is eating the same dish. It is actually Jesus who has prepared the dish for you. Raise your hand when you can see yourself dining at the table with Jesus.

10) Now that you have begun to eat, you can talk to Jesus. What do you want to tell him? Don’t ask for anything yet, just talk to him about what is on your mind and heart. Take your time. Jesus is NOT in a hurry. He wants to spend time with you. Raise your hand when you have finished talking with him about everything you had to say.

11) Now, talk to Jesus about what you want. Ask Him. You can ask Him for anything. Raise your hand when you have finished asking Him.

12) Now it is time to listen. Be very quiet and use the ears of your heart and listen to what he is saying to you. Raise your hand once you feel he has finished speaking with you. (If you, the facilitator, have heard something for person doing the exercise, offer now what you have heard.)

Coaching Tips

  • · Affirm the person in the love and acceptance of Jesus who came knocking and searching them out because he loves them.

  • · If this is the first time this person has invited Jesus into their heart (you may need to ask if it is the 1st time) affirm the fact that God has heard all that they have said and that angels are now rejoicing in heaven because of what they have said and done today.

  • · Let them know that this exercise is meant to be repeated often. Even if they have invited him in, they can continue to invite him in, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t do it right the first time. After all, this verse in Revelation was given to the church in particular.

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