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Light of Christ Prayer (4 minutes) and the Light of Christ Body Scan Exercise (24 minutes)

Updated: Jan 28

God connect me now to my spirit man,

And let the light of Christ radiate out through that perfect portal of God--

Through every cell of my body, through every particle of my mind and my soul.

Let my mind, will, emotions and DNA be cleansed by the light of Christ,

And let that power come out of me and make a 12-foot circle,

a sphere, completely around me

filled with the positive pressure of the light of Christ.

And let it act on every room that I inhabit or pass through

in this house, or wherever I go.

And let it touch every person that it should touch.

And let me be the head and not the tail,

and a generator of light and power.

I accept to look upon myself as a winner,

someone who is a giver and a receiver,

and is a lucky person who gets to be with God,

who is going live forever in joy.

I refuse to feel sorry for myself

or to be overly sympathetic with anything evil or negative.

Help me to be positive, strong, outgoing, and joyful.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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