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Books to Launch You into Heavenly Places

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Here are some resources to aid you in your spiritual adventure with Christ. I have tried to list them in order of easy reading. I pray the Holy Spirit will show you your individual starting point.

by Dr. Nancy Moelk

by Wendy C. Backlund

by Wendy Backlund

by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach

by Steve Backlund

by Steve Backlund

by Blake Healy

by Blake K. Healy

by Micah Turnbo

by Katie Souza

by Virginia Killingsworth

by Robert Henderson

by Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson has written many books about the Courts of Heaven. Look up his name to find a list of all his titles.

by Dr. Francis Myles

by Hrvoje Sirovina

by Robert Henderson

Here are some biographies that will help you connect with the power and healing of heaven.

by Roberts Liardon

You can hunt down longer biographies on the people covered in this book.

by Owen Jorgensen

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