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Prayer Quiz

Which of these statements mostly describe your time spent communing and communicating with God (namely the Father, the Son and/or the Holy Spirit)? There isn’t any grading for this quiz but it is meant to help you see the range of possibilities. God is delighted with any focus and effort you put towards him!

1. Occasional “hail Mary” prayers when you can’t find any other solution.

2. A “honey-do” list of things you need God to accomplish for you to be happy, safe, and healthy.

3. A desperate catalog of all things in life you feel you need but don’t have.

4. Micromanaging of your family, friends, church, enemies, etc.

5. Vigorous soul wrestling with your own thoughts, feelings or will.

6. Vigorous soul wrestling with demons.

7. Reading the Bible.

8. Thanking God for what you have.

9. Thanking God for all that He will provide in the future.

10.Waiting on God to speak to you.

11.Listening to God’s voice.

12.Trying to find out what God’s will may be for various situations.

13.Ignoring your thoughts and focusing on your heart loving on God as a Person in your life who means so much to you.

14.Connecting to and soaking up the Presence of God that flows out of your “Oneness” with Christ.

15.Enjoying that God wants to be with you and approves of you even in your worst moments.

16.Sitting on God’s lap and resting.

17.Speaking with God through the day as your best friend.

18.Enjoying your friendship with God.

19.Seeking to find out how God sees you and your life in the hopes of agreeing with His version of you rather than the worlds.

20. Asking God to send angels to accomplish His will in various people’s lives and various situations.

21.Appropriating the fact, you are seated in the heavenly places with Christ and using that authority to declare God’s will and change things on earth.

22.Seeking God to make null and void (by the blood of Jesus) anything being used to deny you and your territory (family, job, finances, health, etc.) all that God has ordained is yours by the fact you are his beloved child and meant to be an heir of the riches of Christ. This is done in the courts of heaven.

Consider incorporating some of the ideas on this list into your prayer times with God. Consider seeking God to enlarge your relationship with Him by teaching you the best ways for you to engage Him in prayer. Jesus still wants to teach His disciples how to pray!

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